Monday, 14 March 2011

Getting ready for Mother's Day

Had a lovely crafty afternoon yesterday.  Yes it was a lovely spring day.......but when you are "ward" to two young cats - Billy 6 months old and Isla 8 months........and are busy introducing the duo to each daren't leave the house.

Whirlwind later...........Billy thinks he has won the lottery and Isla realising that her new des res is not single occupancy and that she has a permanent house today was my respite.....yes I know that I am very lucky to be able to offer our home to two very needy just takes a little getting used to.............Mollie and Robbie were both teenagers with  a lot less energy.

Anyhow, the card in question - yes another stamp from Little Claire.............which I thought lended itself to make an ideal Mother's Day card down one more to create!

Image coloured using my favourite pro markers.......backing papers from the every growing stash.  Embellished with ribbon from Mei Flower, greeting from a mammoth box from QVC and jewelled hearts again from "the stash", punch Martha Stewart............


  1. Beautiful, Gaynor - I really like that stamp and I love the way you've put the card together.

    Helen x

  2. Great card Gaynor - great colours. I love that stamp - it's so cute!
    Louise x