Sunday, 31 October 2010

Why is half term only a week?

Have  had a wonderful half term, had the opportunity to craft.  Can't believe how many Christmas cards I have already made, sure that there is still room for if I need an exuse.

Spent 2 hours this morning designing a Birthday Card for Vicky our did she get to being 17 this fast......I must have blinked at some point........getting ready to take her back to College shortly alongside a car full of her belongings.......partings I don't like.....yes she is due home next had been good to have her home this week though.

Posted are pics of some of my recent indulges................


  1. Your cards are really making me smile today - I'm really looking forward to your next batch!

    Sharon x

  2. Do you mean last week's homework? Are you like me and make a big mess when being creative.....would love to have a craft room and not have to tidy away after each session. xx