Friday, 1 March 2013

You're so Tweet! New monthly stamp from LC

Evening all,

1st March and a new monthly stamp set from Little Claire.  I'm enjoying getting home without needing my car lights and later this month the hour changes - looking forward to lighter, brighter, warmer days :)

This cutie stamp set is fabulous for this time of year, new beginings, bright cheerful and full of promise.

We are celebrating our son's birthday tomorrow...........don't quite know where all the years have gone.........He's now exactly half my age.......answers on a postcard....not!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. xxGaynor


  1. Gorgeous card Gaynor...
    Hope you all have a great day tomorrow celebrating you son's birthday!!
    hugs and xxx

  2. Gorgeous card Gaynor, hope the birthday boy has a lovely day.

    Donna x